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Our range of disposable paper and plastic cups, cone cups, wooden stirrers and lids are the perfect way to meet the needs of your hot drink vending machines.

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When it comes to serving drinks in the workplace, you want to make sure that your options are clean and hygienic, with as little work involved for everyone as possible.

Using disposable products to make and serve your drinks is an important way to make sure that everyone always has access to refreshments.

Providing disposable coffee cups or paper water cups means there never has to be an argument about whether someone has their favourite mug, no-one loses anything precious and there is no washing up to worry about.

Our disposable coffee cups come in different sizes and can be either plastic or paper. They offer secure hand holds and our paper cups are PEFC accredited and sustainably sourced.

Not only this, but other tools such as disposable stirrers take away any concerns about sharing implements and disposable lids takes away the worry of any spillages on the floor or expensive equipment.

These disposable items are perfect for restocking vending machines that are available for employees, visitors or customers to use. They are ideal for offices, communal spaces and meeting areas to create a social facility whilst providing much needed refreshment. It makes it quick and easy to make a drink and keeps your machines accessible for all.

Our disposable vending supplies ensure that your coffee machines and water coolers can always be used, and it is important to remember to restock these as well as the ingredients for your drinks.

Keep your water coolers and vending machines fully stocked with our range of disposables. Just open a trade account today and place your order, or use our guest checkout option to purchase your disposables in an instant – there are even next day delivery options available!