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Bulk Buy Chocolate Bars

Order your vending machine chocolate bars now to make sure you are offering the most popular chocolate brands all at great prices.

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Wholesale Chocolate Bars

With more 3 million tons of cocoa beans consumed each year, wholesale chocolate bars can be an essential way to keep your vending machine popular.

This means keeping on top of what people want, and stocking the biggest brands in chocolate, including Mars, Cadbury and Nestle. These often feature in lists of the most popular UK chocolate bars, so they will be purchased on a regular basis.

Vending machine chocolate is essential in workplaces and public spaces to offer a handy treat that can be enjoyed at leisure or on the go. It is something that is often craved, so having a ready supply is important.

We have 24 packs of Snickers, Yorkie Orange and Raisin and Biscuit, Kit Kats, Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel, Ferrero Kinder and Mars bars which can all be ordered today and delivered tomorrow.

We can also provide Twix in packs of 25 and Kinder Bueno in packs of 30. Our biggest bulk buy chocolate bars include the gorgeous Cadbury Snack Shortcake and the Cadbury Caramilk, which are each available in purchase packs of 36.

To bulk buy chocolate bars, set up a trade account with us today. Click on Open An Account, give us a few details and we will set up your account for all of your essential vending machine supplies or checkout instantly with our quest option.