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Office Fruit Delivery

Workplace Refreshments work on partnership with Posh Nosh to bring even more choice to our range. All our third-party partners are carefully vetted to ensure they offer the highest quality products, and our supplier list is constantly being updated so we can continue to offer the very best produce from local sources.

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Office Fruit Delivery in Nottingham

If you’re looking to provide employees with a healthier snack option, our fresh fruit delivery service in Nottingham from Posh Nosh is both convenient and beneficial to the health and wellbeing of staff. Our fruit baskets are freshly picked and are delivered straight to your workplace, with a click of a button.

We provide a fresh fruit delivery whenever you need it to make sure there is always fruit on hand. Providing fresh fruit for bigger catering events or within smaller gatherings, can be a refreshing change from traditional food options, but a regular fresh fruit delivery is also great to have in a break room or work space that your staff can help themselves to throughout the day.

Fresh fruit at work has been found to boost productivity as well as energy and wellbeing, meaning that everyone benefits from this one small gesture. Our office fruit delivery contains 50 different items of fruit which are collected from local suppliers to ensure it is as fresh as possible. We deliver to the Nottingham, Derby and Leicester areas and make sure your basket is packed with a selection of freshly picked fruit that everyone is sure to enjoy.

You can order an office fresh fruit delivery, quickly and easily by setting up a trade account with Workplace Refreshments. Click the button at the top of this page, fill in the form and start to fill your basket. Alternatively, you can place your office fresh fruit delivery as a guest and checkout safely and swiftly.