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We have a selection of wholesale wooden stirrers for use with your drinks vending machines and hot drinks stations.

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When it comes to making tea and coffee, it is best to be stirred and not shaken, which is why our hot drink stirrers are essential for all beverage stations.

Every drink needs just the right amount of milk or sugar to make it perfect for the individual, but once added, a gentle stir is necessary to help it flow through the whole drink and maximise the taste.

Having our wooden stirrers on hand prevents a build-up of dirty teaspoons and provides a disposable option that is accessible for everyone.

Our wholesale coffee stirrers are made from strong, Betula wood and have a smooth finish that avoids splintering. They are sturdy and provide a quick, simple, hassle-free drinking experience in your workplace for staff and visitors alike. Each stirrer is 140mm in length, making them ideal for use along with any of our coffee cups, and you can bulk buy coffee stirrers thanks to pack sizes of up to 10,000.

Refill your wooden coffee stirrers for vending machines and coffee stations in offices, break rooms and meeting spaces. They offer terrific convenience and are safe for use with high temperatures, and they are all available with next day delivery. They also provide a much more hygienic option that means your whole workforce can enjoy hot drinks without having to share equipment and requires no cleaning or washing up.

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