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Wholesale Paper Rolls

Cleaning rolls are an essential to add to any cleaning cupboard whether it be in a home or a workplace. From cleaning spills or to use as a napkin, kitchen rolls have multiple purposes. Ensure you never run out and save money by bulk buying your kitchen roll.

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Bulk Buy Kitchen Roll

Stock up on kitchen roll by purchasing in bulk and ensure you never need to make a last minute run to the shop for paper rolls when accidental spills and messes occur! Kitchen roll has multiple purposes from cleaning spills, to drying hands and even to use as a napkin.

We have a variety of different wholesale paper rolls to choose from, our Blue Centre Feed Rolls are available in a pack of 6 and are perfect for catering businesses, clinics and other workplaces to clean up mess quickly. We also have kitchen roll from brands like Mammoth available in a 6 x 4 pack, and Task Jumbo Rolls available in pack of 12 rolls.

Purchase your wholesale kitchen roll today! Open An Account to set up a trade account, or bulk buy cleaning rolls quickly by using our guest option.