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Our Shop is here to provide wholesale vending supplies to keep your workplace vending machines fully stocked at all times.

Wholesale Vending Supplies

If your workplace uses vending machines that provide food and drink for your employees, then it is important to make sure that they are topped up to ensure you are always offering a great choice and the freshest options.

Our wholesale vending products include everything from delicious coffee to biscuits, cordial and crisps. There is everything you need to grab a snack or a hot drink to pass a break time with. Our hearty soups provide a great lunch time option and there are some tempting sweets, chocolate and confectionery to enjoy too.

Our vending machine supplies do not stop at the standard food and drink offerings that you would expect. They even provide a range of different cups and disposables to fit in with your brand and give your staff everything they need to make the most of their breaks.

Keeping your vending machines clean is vital, so our vending wholesale store also includes the essential products you need to clean those trickier spots to ensure that milk is not left lingering in pipes and that fresh water is fully filtered.

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