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Keep your vending machine stocked with our range of wholesale savoury snacks and crisps from some of the nation’s favourite brands.

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Wholesale Vending Machine Savoury Snacks

Crisps are universally popular either on their own or as an essential side to a sandwich. They are the top savoury snack to enjoy in the UK and appeal to young and old alike.

They are frequently found lining vending machines in workplaces, break spots and public spaces as they are just too difficult to resist.

We offer wholesale crisps from some of the biggest brands, including McCoy’s, The King’s Deli and Jacobs. Of course, you don’t just need to get the brands right, you need the most popular flavours, from good old Ready Salted and Cheddar and Onion to American Sticky Ribs and Katsu Curry.

We supply purchase packs containing between 24 and 36 bags of crisps to keep your customers happy.

There are other vending machine snacks that can also prove popular, particularly if that craving isn’t for something sweet. Jacobs Mini Cheddars are the perfect wholesale snacks and are available in Original, Branston Pickle and BBQ flavours. There are 30 of the 50g bags in each purchase pack to help make sure you are fully stocked up. 

You can bulk buy savoury snacks with a Workplace Refreshments trade account. Simply click on the Open An Account button and fill in the quick and easy form to set up your account. You can also checkout safely as a guest, and bulk buy your savoury snacks in an instant.