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Wholesale Hot Chocolate

Keep your drinks vending machines stocked with the best choice by ordering our wholesale hot chocolate designed for vending machines, in cup facilities and pod systems.

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Galaxy Vending Drinking Chocolate 750g (10 pack)

Unit: 750g

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Galaxy

£50.00 VAT Free

Premier Hot Chocolate Vending Drink 1kg (10 Pack)

Unit: 1kg

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Generic

£36.00 VAT Free

Bulk Buy Hot Chocolate

In the world of hot drinks, tea and coffee get a lot of attention, but it is hot chocolate that is the unsung hero of a workplace for real warmth and comfort.

Hot chocolate is a winner for almost everyone and for that reason, it is a feature of most vending machines and drinks stations.

Whether it is made within the machine, is in cup or comes from pods, hot chocolate helps to warm from within and can offer a liquid alternative for those seeking a sweet treat.

Our bags of wholesale hot chocolate drink work brilliantly within vending machines and provide a full-bodied chocolate drink with all of the richness and intensity that you would want. These 1kg bags come in purchase packs of 10 and are an easy way to make a smooth chocolatey drink.

You can get your hot chocolate sachets in bulk, which comes in the in-cup form thanks to the Cadbury cup. These 12oz drinks come with a double walled cup that just requires hot water to be added. These are individually foil sealed for freshness to give them a shelf life of a year.

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