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Bulk buy sugar and sweeteners from us to add to your hot drink vending machines and drink stations to make every drink perfect.

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Wholesale Sugar and Sweeteners

Whichever form of hot drinks machines you have in your workplace, you will need to have sugars and sweeteners on hand to help make it unique to everyone who uses it. We supply wholesale sugar from Tate & Lyle to allow you to offer great quality as well as convenience.

Available as white sugar or demerara, our Tate & Lyle sugar sticks contain 2.5 grams of sugar, which equates to around half a teaspoon. Being individually wrapped they can be used within vending machines or kept separately, and it makes it much easier for the user to measure exactly what they want. Each purchase pack contains 1000 sticks.

Our wholesale sugar packets also include 2kg bags of vending sugar, which is not only fully fair trade, but also long lasting. This pure cane sugar has been specially designed for use in vending machines, giving a free-flowing product that allows for easy dispending.

We also offer wholesale sweeteners thanks to Canderel for those people who are already sweet enough. Their sweetener sachets are sucralose-based and are equal to a whole teaspoon of sugar, just without the calories. They are available in purchase packs of 1000 0.5g sachets

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