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Office Milk Delivery

Our milk delivery is perfect for businesses looking to stock up with the essentials to make the prefect brew. Choose from a range of animal and plant based milks to suit a variety of dietary requirements, as well as powdered milk for your vending machine requirements.

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Karimer Blue Top Coffee & Tea Whitner 1kg (10 Pack)

Unit: 1kg

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Karimer

£60.00 VAT Free

Laqtia Gold 100% Skimmed Granulated Milk 500g (10 Pack)

Unit: 500g

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Generic

£45.00 VAT Free

Laqtia Silver 100% Skimmed Granulated Milk 500g (10 Pack)

Unit: 500g

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Generic

£40.00 VAT Free

Nomou Dairy Alternative Milk Powder 500g (10 Pack)

Unit: 500g

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Generic

£55.00 VAT Free

Office Milk Delivery in Nottingham

How you take your tea or coffee is personal to you, and the amount of milk used for each cup can vary. We go through vast amounts of tea and coffee at work each day, so it is important to make sure that you have everything needed to make it just right.

Keeping your vending machines stocked with milk and whitener makes sure each employee or visitor gets the perfect drink every time, add to your breakfast, tea of coffee!

Your office milk delivery can also include dairy-free options for those with allergies, intolerances, or vegan lifestyles. Alpro milks are made from soya, almond, coconut, and oat, so there is something to suit every need and diet. They are delivered in 1-litre cartons across Leicester, Nottingham, and Derby.

Not only are they great for an alternative lifestyle, but these milks also offer delicious, sweet flavours from plant-based sources that can really help to enhance what you are eating or drinking. They contain naturally occurring sugars and can still be a reliable source of calcium whilst also contributing to the wellbeing of the plant as well as your staff.

We also supply wholesale whitener to give that dairy taste to your tea and coffee. It comes in 750g bags and has been specially blended for use in all instant hot drinks machines. Our purchase packs include 10 bags to keep your drinks machines fully loaded.

So, why not book your corporate milk delivery online today! We serve businesses across Nottingham and the East Midlands and as it’s really easy to set up a trade account, you can start your first order today either as a one off or for a regular slot to keep you stocked up.

Not looking to set up a trade account? Safely checkout as a guest when ordering your corporate milk and place your order instantly.