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Browse our selection of wholesale instant coffee from some of the biggest names to keep your coffee vending machines fully stocked at all times.

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Kenco Freeze Dried Decaff Coffee 300g (10 Pack)

Unit: 300g

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Kenco

£150.00 VAT Free

Kenco Freeze Dried Smooth Roast Coffee 300g (10 Pack)

Unit: 300g

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Kenco

£125.00 VAT Free

Kenco Westminster 3 Pint Coffee Sachet 60g (50 Pack)

Unit: 60g

Purchase Pack: 50

Brand: Kenco

£105.00 VAT Free

Nescafe Decaf Coffee Stick Original 1.8g (200 Pack)

Unit: 1.8g

Purchase Pack: 200

Brand: Nescafe

£30.00 VAT Free

Wholesale Instant Coffee

We live in a world where we want everything now, which is why instant coffee is always a hit, especially in a busy workplace where time is precious.

We have all had instant coffee in our kitchen at some point, and it fits in just as well at work. This quick and easy way to get a great tasting caffeine hit works in every environment and will be a staple in most workplaces.

We supply wholesale instant coffee from the biggest brands, including Douwe Egberts, Nescafe and Kenco in bags and tins to provide you with the best value coffee deals.

Our coffee is available in bags, tins and tubs which range in size from 350g to 750g. We allow you to bulk buy instant coffee by providing these in packs for 6 or 10 to ensure you are always well stocked.

These freeze dried instant coffees use Arabica and Robusta beans amongst others to give a smooth taste and a richness that means you would never know it was instant. Just add hot water to the caffeinated or decaf options for delicious coffee in instant throughout the day.

You can order wholesale instant coffee online by setting up a trade account with us today. Just click the Open An Account button at the top of this page and give us a few details to submit your application and you will be free to order from our fantastic range of wholesale workplace refreshments, or you can use our guest checkout option to order your wholesale instant coffee in, well an instant!