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Keep your office clean and hygienic with our range of wholesale cleaning supplies and products.

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Chlorine Tablets (1 tub x 200 tablets)

Brand: Abbeychart

£20.00 Ex VAT

£24.00 Inc VAT

Coffee Equipment Cleaning Wipes

Brand: Urnex

£15.00 Ex VAT

£18.00 Inc VAT

Bulk Buy Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your workplace is essential for several reasons from reducing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria to enhancing productivity and efficiency by reducing distractions and creating a positive atmosphere for focused work. Plus it leaves a positive impression on customers and visitors. That’s why we offer cleaning supplies in bulk, from anti-bacterial cleaner, to refuse bags, microfibre cloths, kitchen and toilet roll.

Hot drinks machines have plenty of pipes and filters which need to be cleaned regularly and are not always easy to reach. That is why we don’t just stock the basic cleaning essentials that you need, but also all the essential cleaning products that will keep your vending machine at its best.

Wholesale coffee machine cleaning tablets are one very effective way to get your coffee machine clean with little effort. They can be used in bean to cup units and will backflush, de-stain and sanitise all of the components and accessories to give great results.

We all dread the smell of milk that is past its best, which is why it can need tackling separately with our Milk Machine Cleaning Solution which provides a foam-free cleaning agent that is suitable for daily use.

We also stock wholesale tea filters for automatic tea and coffee brewers. These 2-ply rolls are super absorbent and come in 100m rolls.

The key ingredient of any hot drink is water, and our Brita water filter helps to reduce carbonate hardness in the water for a better taste and protect your espresso and coffee machines against scale build-up.

So, whether it’s wholesale cleaning products, espresso machine cleaning tablets, water filters or any other coffee machine cleaning products, you can order today when you set up your trade account, or if you want to quickly place your order, checkout safely as a guest.