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Grenade Oreo Protein Bar 60g (12 Pack)

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Grenade Oreo Flavoured Protein Bar High protein, low sugar- 21g Protein, 1g Sugar. Step one: unwrap. Step two: devour, its as simple as that! You can enjoy a Grenade protein bar at any point of the day, ideal as a protein-packed treat to keep you fuelled throughout the day, or as nutritious snack to help support you after a strenuous gym session. Our new Grenade Oreo Protein Bar is perfect as a post-workout, midday, or on-the-go snack. Get your lunchboxes at the ready!”” Want to get creative? Try dicing your Carb Killa bar up and throwing it in with your morning oats. Or transform the bar into a gooey dessert with a 15 second blast in the microwave, the possibilities are endless!