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Wholesale Pepsi

Buy your wholesale Pepsi products including Pepsi Max and Pepsi Max cherry for your vending machines in cans and bottles.

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Wholesale Pepsi Drinks for Vending

As Pepsi is so in demand, it’s important to make sure you have a good stock of it in your vending machines. We are a Pepsi wholesaler, and stock many of their most popular drinks to help you keep everyone happy.

Pepsi’s history stretches back more than 100 years and an estimated 8.8 million people used Pepsi Max in 2020.

The Pepsi wholesale products include the Pepsi Max bottles. These 500ml bottles are packed with that distinctive Pepsi taste and will fit into most vending machines.

Pepsi Max offers maximum taste with no sugar and gives all the intense taste flavours that Pepsi lovers are used to. We offer purchase packs of 24 bottles to keep your machines brimming with Pepsi at all times.

We also sell the delicious Pepsi Max Cherry bottles in packs of 24. These 500ml bottles are packed with the low-calorie cherry cola and are irresistible to many. This fantastic taste is also available in 330ml cans, which provide another great alternative for vending machines. These wholesale Pepsi products give you great value and a brand that keep your vending machine busy.

You can bulk buy Pepsi products with a trade account. Simply click on Open An Account and give us the details we need to get you started. You can also make purchases as a guest, allowing you to bulk buy Pepsi and checkout safely without setting up an account.