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Take a look at wide range of wholesale Local Partnership products, from cake selections to a vast choice of food, such as Fish and Chips, Hot Dogs and Burgers, Pizzas and much more!

Bulk Buy Local Partnership Products

We are proud to supply a wide range of food from Local Partnerships in and around the Nottingham area to cater to your workplace’s requirements. Whether you’re after a team lunch delivered to your office, or cakes for office parties and celebrations, we’ve got something for you.

The cake selection features an assorted variety, including rocky road, brownies, cookies, cake slices and cookie pie slices. For cupcake lovers, we can provide a variety of flavours and colours with a range of options for decorations and toppers. For our cake selections, our minimum order is 10, whereas our cupcake selection has a minimum order of 100.

We can also supply other dessert options, such as delicious Candy Floss and Popcorn, as well as Ice Cream and Donuts. Both of these catering services are perfect for corporate events that your business may hold and help to make the perfect day.

If you’re looking to supply your workplace with a mouth-watering lunch, we have a range of different options for you to choose from. We supply delicious wood fired pizza, with a range of different toppings to select and a minimum order of 75.

View our jacket potato catering service, which can also cater to different dietary requirements, and with a minimum order of 100, our wholesale jacket potatoes are freshly cooked for the day of your event.

We also supply delicious fish and chips, as well as hot dogs and burgers which both require a minimum order of 100. Both of these lunchtime options are delicious and perfect for staff dinners, as well as catering to large numbers during business events and conferences.

Provide your staff, or business event attendees with a wide range of Local Partnership catered products which are available to bulk buy. Open an account today to get started.