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Wholesale Kenco Coffee

We supply a variety of wholesale Kenco coffee products to provide great instant coffee in your vending machines.

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Kenco Westminster 3 Pint Coffee Sachet 60g (50 Pack)

Unit: 60g

Purchase Pack: 50

Brand: Kenco

£105.00 VAT Free

Kenco Freeze Dried Smooth Roast Coffee 300g (10 Pack)

Unit: 300g

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Kenco

£125.00 VAT Free

Kenco Freeze Dried Decaff Coffee 300g (10 Pack)

Unit: 300g

Purchase Pack: 10

Brand: Kenco

£150.00 VAT Free

Wholesale Kenco Coffee for Vending

We offer wholesale Kenco products to add to your coffee stations and vending machines for a smooth and rich taste. Kenco have been selling coffee in the UK since 1923, so it is no wonder that it is a staple in so many homes.

Now employees can enjoy that taste of home in the office or workplace with our bulk buy Kenco coffee offerings.

Kenco instant coffee is smooth roasted to give a quality, round blend that contains lovely fruity citrus notes. The coffee is available in 750g tins which come in purchase packs of 6 to ensure you are well stocked at all times. For those who require smaller amounts The Kenco Coffee Bags provide 300g of instant coffee and are provided in packs of 10.

The coffee is water soluble, making it ideal for free standing coffee facilities or coffee vending machines. Kenco continues to offer great quality coffee for black or white coffee as well as being part of speciality coffee drinks. This freeze-dried coffee has the flavour locked in to give your staff terrific flavour with speed, long shelf-lives and something which is easy to store.

As Kenco wholesale distributors, we can provide great instant coffee when you set up a trade account with us. Click on Open An Account, fill in your details and start ordering! Alternatively, you can place your order as a guest and checkout safely without setting up a full trade account.