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Browse our range of wholesale Fanta products and provide your workplace with a delicious taste recognised around the world, available to bulk buy in both cans and bottles for your workplace vending machines.

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Fanta is recognised by millions around the world, and a very popular source of refreshment. If you’re looking for wholesale Fanta products, at Workplace Refreshments you can choose to bulk buy in either bottles, or cans, ready to stock up vending machines.

Providing an iconic taste since 1940, our wholesale Fanta is an extremely popular choice in vending machines and is a delicious way to keep your staff hydrated throughout the day. Get your wholesale Fanta today and give your staff and visitors the perfect lunch time companion.

Our Fanta products are available in both 330ml cans, and 500ml bottles. Our wholesale fruit twist Fanta cans arrive in packs of 24, whereas the slightly larger bottles come in packs of 12, serving great taste in great numbers.

Purchase your wholesale Fanta products in a flash with our guest checkout, or set up a trade account and favourite items that you’ll come back for time and time again.