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Coca Cola Wholesale

Browse our selection of wholesale Coca-Cola products including bottles and cans suitable for use in your workplace and public vending machines.

Wholesale Coca-Cola for Vending

Coca-Cola drinks are easily recognised across the world and are much sought after as a form of refreshment. As Coca-Cola wholesalers, we have cans and bottles available to restock your vending machines in order to keep them busy and profitable.

The classic Coca-Cola is available in 500ml bottles as well as 330ml cans. The original taste has been enjoyed by Coca-Cola fans since 1886 and that popularity shows no signs of slowing. Both the cans are available to bulk buy in packs of 24.

The Diet Coke brand is just as popular and also comes in cans and bottles. With no sugar and just 1kcal per 330ml, this light and refreshing drink tastes great and is ideal for those watching their waistlines.

The Coca-Cola range is great to keep staff hydrated and happy through the day or to accompany meals and breaktimes. The crisp and refreshing taste is best served ice cold to enjoy the 12,607 bubbles that are to be found within each one. 

You can buy Coca Cola wholesale online through Workplace Refreshments. Simply set up a trade account by clicking on the Open An Account button and you can make sure your vending machines are full to the brim. If you want to purchase your wholesale Coca Cola in a timely fashion, simply checkout using our guest option.