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Browse our wholesale Canderel products, keep your office kitchen stocked up with sweeteners that will cater for all of your employees.

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Wholesale Canderel Products

Canderel are the go to choice when it comes to office sweeteners. Canderel is a natural and low-calorie sweetener that is the perfect alternative to sugar, suited to those who want the sweet taste but don’t want the added calories.

Canderel Yellow is a great tasting sweetener that is made with sucralose. Each sachet is equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar, but with zero calories, making Canderel a healthier choice for staff. The easy to open packaging makes it simple to sweeten the taste of your coffee and tea.

Bulk buy your Canderel sweeteners with Workplace Refreshments today! We offer guest checkouts for a swift transaction, or you can create your own trade account today and this will store your shipping details and billing details to automate the purchase process on your next order.