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Coffee is now a part of our culture as a nation, which means it is also an increasing part of most workplaces as well. Many of us feel that we cannot start the day without a good cup of coffee in our hands, and it can seem as though businesses run on it like fuel.

It is therefore understandable that coffee plays a big role in workplace productivity. The caffeine contained within it provides a boost of energy that can either give us a kick-start or help us get through those mid-afternoon lulls.

It can help to boost office morale

A coffee machine is not just a source of hot drinks, it can be a tool to help lift morale in any workplace. It is not just a dispenser, but a place that people can chat and interact. It provides networking opportunities and the chance to exchange ideas across departments.

By providing staff with a source of good quality coffee, they can start to feel more valued within the business. It can be seen as a perk within the workplace and can have a positive effect on how they feel about where they work and encourage loyalty towards it.

Some studies have shown that a daily cup of coffee can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as your risk of cardiovascular disease. 

It could help increase creativity

Creativity is a huge part of most roles, and coffee can actually help with this. The social element of drinking a cup of coffee with others can be the thing that sparks the first ideas. When casual conversations take place, there is a new freedom for creativity and new ideas can start to form.

Staff may feel more energised

Did you know that there is approximately 6mg of caffeine in one single roasted coffee bean, and it is this caffeine that helps to give us a burst of energy. This is because it stops your brain from absorbing adenosine, the chemical that tells your brain that you are tired.

This means that we feel as though we have more energy once we have consumed that all important cup of coffee. It also increases dopamine levels by stopping it from being reabsorbed into the body, and it is this dopamine that gives you feelings of pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.

Coffee can improve working relationships

We have always heard about those “water cooler moments” – the things that happen on TV or in the office that then become the prime topic of conversation around the water cooler.

These days the water cooler has been replaced by the coffee machine and gives people the chance to talk in a more informal setting with colleagues from their own department and others from different parts of the business.

Once stronger working relationships have been established, it becomes easier for employees to collaborate throughout the business, meaning asking questions and sharing ideas is less daunting.

Why should I use a coffee machine in the workplace over a kettle? 

We are all used to having a kettle at home and in the workplace, but installing a coffee machine is a great way to take the hot drinks that you offer to another level whilst offering great taste, improved efficiency and more choice.

Saves time waiting for kettle to boil

The kettle has been our trusty companion for many years, but the time it takes to boil, especially when full, can seem to take forever. This means that staff are spending more time away from their desk and not being productive. With a coffee machine, you simply need to put your jug or mug in place, push a button and then get straight back to work.

More variety of drinks

Everyone has their favourite type of coffee, such as a cappuccino, latte or espresso. This is difficult to achieve with a jar of freeze-dried coffee and a kettle, and so the coffee machine provides employees with a lot more choice. Not only can it provide different types of coffee, but also tea, hot chocolate and hot water, so employees will feel much happier and less inclined to go out looking for high street coffee.

Impress clients

When clients come to visit, you want to make a good first impression, and you can do this by offering them a cup of barista quality coffee, as well as plenty of choice.

The “sciency” bit 

There are a number of health benefits attached to caffeine that might actually surprise you. Some studies have shown that a daily cup of coffee can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as your risk of cardiovascular disease. There is also evidence that coffee can improve the memory and cognitive function, and general advice suggests drinking 1-2 cups of black coffee. 

Of course, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, and too much coffee can leave us feeling jittery, restless and shaky. Many of the popular coffees are also packed with dairy and sugar, which can be more harmful to your health. It should also be remembered that too much caffeine can lead to dehydration, anxiety and an elevated heart rate.

What if my staff want something other than coffee?

Despite its popularity, coffee is still very much an acquired taste, and isn’t everyone’s first choice. However, most hot drinks machines give you the option to provide more than just coffee and can include caffeine-free options for those who prefer it. Your machine could offer things such as tea, red bush, earl grey, green tea and matcha to make sure there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Don’t forget, there are also the little extras to make your coffee machine extra special. Whether it is the basics of sugar, stirrers and cups or something like lotus biscuits, there is plenty to make sure your workplace coffee has the barista feel that everyone will love. This means workplace productivity can get a boost no matter what your preferences are.

Want to increase staff productivity?

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