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Free food on a table at work

It is said that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but in many workplaces, that is exactly what is on offer. More and more businesses are now providing free meals as part of the employment benefits that are on offer, as it has proved to be a very successful way of boosting morale within the business and retaining the talent that they have worked so hard to nurture.

To the average employee, a free lunch can offer a huge cost saving as well as the benefit of convenience and so it is a factor which is now being seen as an essential part of the employee value proposition.

Enhanced Productivity and Focus

When it comes to a lunch break, very few employees still bring food from home, meaning that when the clock ticks past 12, many can be found heading out of the business looking for shops and cafes that can satisfy their needs, or make choices that are not beneficial to them.

By providing free food at work, it can dramatically cut down the amount of time employees are spending out of the office and improve diets, and so office meals can leave employees more focused on their work, with improved levels of concentration and cognitive function.

Improved Employee Health and Well-being

We are all aware of the obesity epidemic that has plagued our nation for many years, and with this comes a wide range of health conditions that can all lead to time off work. There can also be other issues caused by poor diets, and this means that the number of sick days that a business is funding can soon start to rack up.

However, by navigating dietary restrictions in the workplace and offering healthy office meals, it is possible to encourage staff to make better choices for themselves and keep them healthier. This shows that you care about their wellbeing whilst still looking after the best interests of the business at the same time.

This becomes the perfect situation for everyone, as meal benefits for employees can also mean fewer sick days for an employer to deal with.

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Boosted Morale and Company Culture

Providing food for employees is always seen as an important benefit, but to go as far as offering a free lunch at work can prove to be a huge morale booster. This can not only feel like a perk that saves the employee money, but it can also present a great sense of community when everyone in the business receives the same meal.

Getting together over food can be an important icebreaker and gives people the chance to talk in a less formal environment and mingle with members of other departments that they may not normally have spent a great amount of time with. This can encourage an important feeling of belonging for many employees and goes a long way towards strengthening the culture of a company.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

When you get a really good employee who works hard and knows their stuff then it is important to keep hold of them, but this is not always easy to do. A free lunch is seen as a very tangible employee meal benefit, and so many are happy to view this as part of their remuneration package. It can not only save people money, but it can also help to make people feel appreciated at work.

As the benefits of free food at work start to become more well-known, it can make it easier to keep hold of that important talent and can attract some of the better candidates on the job market.

Financial Savings for Employees

Creating a meal policy for employees can be very positive as it is often viewed as the equivalent of a pay rise. Not having to bring in food each day or go out to buy it during a lunch break can lead to some very real savings, and so makes a big difference to the financial well-being of an employee.

When someone feels the benefit of a perk in their pocket, they are much more likely to remain loyal to their employer for longer.

Simplified Meal Planning and Convenience

We all have busier lives these days, and so many employees can live without the hassle of planning their lunches for the week, not to mention shopping for them and actually making them. By providing free meals to employees, it is possible to remove a lot of stress from their lives. This means that free food at work can help to streamline daily routines, allowing employees to focus on more important things.

Encouraging Collaboration and Creativity

A lunch break can be a very isolated thing. Many either eat at their desk or pop out to fetch something, and so a free lunch at work can help to bring people together, creating a more collaborative atmosphere. As you provide food for employees, you can also provide the space to bond and exchange ideas.

Implementing a Successful Free Meal Program

When it comes to setting up a meal policy for employees, it is vital that you ensure it is inclusive. That means taking all dietary requirements, allergies and lifestyle preferences into account to ensure that this is a benefit that can be enjoyed by all. It may be worth referring to an outside caterer who can help when it comes to providing free meals to employees, whether this is on a daily basis or just for special occasions.

Providing food at work is seen as an employee meal benefit and can go a long way towards changing the way staff members feel about their place of work and will also help towards solving logistical issues too. The benefits of free food at work are huge, and with many staff members putting a significant level of importance on perks such as this, it becomes clear that this can be a key way to retain good staff and make your business more appealing in an ever-competitive jobs market.

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